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The Novelettes

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Kiana is a true professional, known for her unwavering dedication and drive in everything she undertakes. Her charismatic personality and great energy are infectious, drawing people toward her and creating a positive atmosphere wherever she goes. Kiara's combination of professionalism and an innate ability to motivate others sets her apart, making her an exceptional asset to any team or organization.

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Kiara is a remarkable individual who epitomizes professionalism in every aspect of her life. Her unwavering dedication to her work and personal pursuits is truly admirable. Kiara's resilience in the face of challenges makes her a natural leader, someone others instinctively look up to for guidance and support. Above all, she is integrity-driven, consistently making choices that align with her strong moral compass, setting an inspiring example for those fortunate enough to know her.

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Rachel is a highly professional and intelligent entrepreneur who has not only achieved remarkable success in her business endeavors but also stands out as a kind and dedicated supporter of others. Her innate kindness shines through in her interactions with colleagues and friends, as she consistently goes the extra mile to help those around her. Rachel's intelligence and entrepreneurial spirit have propelled her ventures to new heights, all while maintaining a genuine commitment to uplifting and empowering those she encounters in both her personal and professional life.

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Coco embodies a truly unique blend of characteristics. She is not only undeniably classy and professional in her demeanor but also incredibly personable and outgoing. Coco's ability to connect with people on a personal level is a testament to her warm and welcoming personality. Her knack for maintaining a high level of attention to detail sets her apart in her professional endeavors, ensuring that every task she takes on is executed with precision and care.

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As a part of the Ms. Novelty team, you'll have the incredible opportunity to participate in fashion shows at the local, regional, and national level. Picture yourself strutting down the runway, showcasing the latest trends and turning heads wherever you go.

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